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Can I export an imported 3D solid back to a 3D solid format like IGS or Step?


This may be possible but with limitations.

ArtiosCAD can import a solid model format like IGS or Step.

This data is read from the b-rep format and visually represented as a polygonal mesh (triangles). Once a solid model is read into ArtiosCAD, the b-rep data is essentially lost.  

The IGS and Step exports were primarily meant for ArtiosCAD cartons. If a scene is a mix of a carton and an imported solid, the Include solids (as triangles) option can be set to export the solid back out with the carton.

Include solids on export

However, this option will send the imported solid model visual data back to be converted to its b-rep format. This option will usually work for simple models, but not for more complex ones as the data may not be as robust as it was once.

This option is disabled by default and is provided as convenience for simpler models. It may be better to export the carton to an IGS or Step format and then import the ArtiosCAD 3D model and the original solid model into your 3D application, rather than trying to export both.

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