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How do I use the 3D drag on Plane tool on assembled surfaces in ArtiosCAD 3D?


Assume this following assembly. There are two shelves (red and blue parts) and two corner pieces (green and yellow parts). The corner pieces form a base. The yellow piece is currently pink in the picture because it is the selected object. This configuration demonstrates how the base is comprised of two separate pieces.

The wish is to place the red shelf on the base.

Drag on plane tool

Use the Drag on plane tool in the ArtiosCAD 3D Tools toolbar.

Set the Check collisions checkbox.

Click the surface of the object to be dragged upon.

Each corner piece is still a separate design. A green rectangle with snap points will appear on the draggable surface, but will only be limited to the corner design. Below are two scenarios where the user selects the top half as indicated by the blue stars.


Now assume the user wants to be able to view the assembled halves as a single draggable surface.

Use the 3D Group Designs tool to group the in the 3D tools toolbar:

Select the two halves of the base and group them.

The two halves of the assembled base will be seen as a single surface.


Likewise, to revert back to the specific surface of the individual design, ungroup the two halves of the base.

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