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If I use the Map Data task to convert an XML file to a CSV file and there are empty values in the XML, no output is written.


  • XML input file has empty elements.
  • No output CSV file is written.
  • There is an invalid reference error in the log file of the task.


For example:
Consider this as the XML

It should result in this CSV


The XPath query for element2 can be written as follows:

 string(/xml/element2/text())rather than /xml/element2/text()

This will convert the empty value to a string, which is allowed to run this task.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 14.x and newer

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Case Number00688743


1 Comment

  1. Hi Leander,

    It works perfectly fine but not repeated content, do you have an idea?

    Many thanks

    Conrad, Benjamin