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When sending a proof to an Epson 4900, and the printer is in sleep mode, it fails with an error.


Make sure you are on the latest firmware version of your proofer as there are issues with non-latest firmware versions.

You can find more information about this on the official Epson Support website.

According to the official 4900 brochure, there is a power management system.

It is recommended to turn off the option "User controlled sleep and power management system for maximum efficiency" because the proofer otherwise suffers more from clogging.

If you do not require the Power Management setting to be enabled, it is possible to disable the setting.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the Printer Power.
  2. Hold down the Pause/Cancel button, then turn on the Printer Power. Release the Pause/Cancel button when the Maintenance Mode menu is displayed.
  3. Press the Down arrow until Power Management is displayed.
  4. Press the Right arrow.
  5. Select Power off timer and press the Right arrow.
  6. Select Disable and press OK.
  7. Press the Left arrow to exit the menu.
  8. Power off the printer, and then power on the printer again to ensure that the setting is saved.

The printer will be ready to print when the green power light is steady.

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