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Is it possible to preserve the XMP information of a normalized PDF when exporting to an Adobe PDF file using Automation Engine and then reuse this XMP information by Normalizing the file again?


When a Normalized PDF is exported to an Adobe PDF using the "Export to PDF File" task, the XMP information of the production file is kept in the Adobe PDF file. This can be viewed in Adobe® Acrobat® using the Esko XMP plugin or when clicking the Info button in the Automation Engine Pilot and navigating to the Info button of the Production file as displayed in below screenshot.

The XMP info is only available when exporting to PDF 1.4 or higher.

Info panel in Automation Engine Pilot:

When the Adobe PDF file is Normalized again, the previous XMP is overwritten and all earlier information is lost.

The XMP information can be extracted to an XML file (using the "Create PAF / JPG / XML (Linkedge)" task) but cannot be added/embedded to the file again.

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Last revised30-Dec-16
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