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Where can I find the Cape Pack trial version?

You can download a trial for Cape Pack Advanced from:

How can I start the trial?

  1. On the website where you can request your trial, you will be asked to log in with your Esko ID.
  2. When you click the Download button, a check is made to see if you have already installed the trial before:
    • If not, this will generate a new trial for your Esko ID and the download will start.
    • If you have already started a trial:
      • If it is not expired, the download will start.
      • If it is already expired you won't be able to request a new trial and the download won't start.
  3. Download the installer file and install it on your Windows computer. Make sure to check the system requirements page first.
  4. When you start the software, you will get the licensing method options as shown in the screenshot below. Choose the second option "I have an Esko ID to sign in and to use my Subscription" and sign in with your Esko ID. It works the same as the regular named user subscription. Click here to get more information about the named user subscription.

If somebody else in my company also wants to try Cape Pack 16, what does he/she needs to do?

They should follow the exact same steps as above (instead of copying the installer file), because otherwise they won't have a Trial created for them.

Extra Info

The trial named user subscription for Cape Pack has been implemented since December 2016 (Cape Pack 16.0.2 E3 version).
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Cape Pack 16 and newer

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