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This article describes how to make a contract proof with the new HT driver for the SureColor P5000, P7000 and P9000 model.

Availability of the HT driver

The HT driver for the SureColor P5000, P7000 and P9000 is available in Esko Software Platform 16.0.2 and newer.


Installation and evaluation of generic Esko EPL files

The use of a generic Esko EPL file is mandatory to make a contract proof! Please consult the KB below to find out which generic Esko EPL you need and how you can make them available in the proof client.

Generic Esko EPL files are superior because they are customized with R&D tools and result in a better proof (due to the more uniform color space) compared to an EPL created either by EFI or manually.

Proofer Profile, Device Link and Strategy Creation

  1. Start the Color Engine Pilot.
  2. Create a new proofer profile via Tool bar > Esko Profiles > Proofer.
  3. Select the SureColor in the Proofer tab.
  4. Click the Overprints tab.
  5. Select either the Standardized Proofing (cmykrgb), EyeOne IO layout (when using the i1iO spectrophotometer) or Normal (cmykrgb), I1 layout (when using the i1 spectrophotometer) overprint chart.

    It's highly recommended to use the Standardized Proofing charts. The relinearization step to recalibrate the proofer is only available when a profile is based on these charts.

  6. Proof and measure the charts.
  7. Create a Proofing device link
    1. Select the press profile you want to use as reference (e.g. ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc).
    2. Select the new custom created Epson SureColor proofer profile.
    3. Select Absolute Colorimetric as Rendering Intent.
    4. Select Closest Color (Classic) as Gamut Mapping.
    5. Select Generate only CMYK as Output Channels. (This is the best option in case your source color space is ISOcoated, GRACoL or a similar/smaller size device)
      1. In case your source color space is a wide gamut space, e.g. Equinox, select Generate all channels as Output Channels (In this case the Black Generation option is not available.)

      2. Generate only CMYK as Output Channels does not affect the conversion of spot colors, they will be output to the proofing device using the entire color space provided with the extra orange, green and violet inks.
    6. Select No Black Mapping as Black Generation.
  8. Save the device link.
  9. Create a new Proofing Color Strategy and make sure the previously created device link is selected.
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