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Disclaimer: Information and opinions found on Esko Ideas are the result of interactions between customers and do not necessarily reflect accurate technical information. As such, the information provided through these pages is made available, both by Esko and its customers, on a voluntary, AS IS basis, without any warranty of any kind, and with Esko disclaiming any liability associated. Any information that is disclosed on this platform is publicly available to other Esko customers and third parties having access to this platform and, notwithstanding the possibility that you entered into a non-disclosure agreement with Esko, is not to be considered or posted as confidential. To the extent any postings would constitute or comprise ideas for new products or for the improvement or modification of already existing products, the implementation of the same is subject to Esko’s sole discretion. These pages are monitored. Esko, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify or remove any message posted. By using this platform, you acknowledge having read the above, and you agree to the same. For further information, please consult .

What is Esko Ideas? 

Esko Ideas is a new initiative to give customers more transparency in the feature requests ("wishes") they send to Esko. 

It is an addition to the services already available on the Support Community (registering and viewing support cases, chat with e-support, the Esko User Forum). So, Esko Ideas will take the form of an additional tab in the Support Community.  

What is a good idea?

We all want Esko Ideas to be a useful source of information and a friendly community to exchange ideas and experience. Making sure that your idea is on-topic and clearly formulated will go a long way towards achieving that goal. And as a bonus, it avoids getting your idea edited or removed by a moderator!

That said, here are some tips to increase your chances of getting your idea to the "Under Consideration" stage, and - who knows - into the product!

  • Specify the product in your title - keep the idea title short.
  • Write an understandable description.
  • ALWAYS specify a use case!

Make sure your ideas are posted in the correct category. If you have an Idea about Automation Engine workflows, but put it in the General category, chances are the people will not see thus not vote on it.

Do not post private or proprietary information

Esko Ideas is open to all signed in members of the Esko Support Community. Any images or other information you make available on Esko Ideas becomes public to our community (please read the disclaimer).

Follow proper written etiquette

  • Be polite and courteous. The Esko Support Community is used by thousands of Esko customers - in fact, chances are that you will see one or more of your own customers take part in these discussions!
  • Please use English only for your questions and replies. This ensures that as many community members and Esko employees as possible will be able to take part in the discussion.
  • Do not vent your anger or frustration in the form of a question, for example "___ is terrible, don't you agree?". If you have a complaint about Esko products or services, please file a support case so it can be handled properly.

This page draws heavily from the excellent guidelines on ( and Metafilter (


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