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How to format the XML files that you can load in a Job setup. 


In the 'New Job' or 'Job Setup' dialog, you can load an XML file to import Job Parameters and you can also load an XML file to load a list of Job Categories.

The information they read is different. 


  • To load Job Parameters, the format of the  XML file isn't critical ; all the elements and values will be imported.

  • To load Job Categories, know that:
    • The element names are not imported, only their values.
    • The elements need to be at the top level.  (When using Excel to produce the XML file, the values need to be at the top of each spreadsheet column)

Example: XML to load Categories:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<name2>Flexo combo</name2>

When loaded, will look like: 



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Created2 Feb 2017
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