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How to change the date format in the Automation Engine Pilot.


The date format in a Pilot is defined by Java checking the language settings of the local client computer.

On Windows:

The date format is defined by the language selected in the "Region and Language" settings of the PC.

Follow these to modify the date format in the Pilot

  1. Go to Control Panel.

  2. Select Region and Settings.

  3. In the tab Format, select the language that corresponds with the date format you want.

    4. Restart the Pilot

On Mac:

On Mac, the date format is decided by the preferred language in "Language & Region".

Follow these steps to modify the date format in the Pilot.

  1. Go to System Preferences.

  2. Select Language & Region.

  3. Set the Preferred language and the wanted date - time format.

  4. Restart the Pilot.

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