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Where can I find Shapes/ 3D models to use with Studio products?


Shapes is not a website or standalone product, but an online service that is to be accessed via Adobe® Illustrator® (or PackEdge/ArtPro):

  • To access Shapes, install Studio (or the free Esko Data Exchange plugins), then you can access the 3D models from Adobe® Illustrator®'s File > Structural Design menu.
  • You need an Esko ID to login to the online database.
  • Some shapes are available to anyone with an Esko ID (check Free Samples directory), but most can only be downloaded if you have an active subscription or maintenance contract for Studio or ArtiosCAD.
  • To use the downloaded 3D models in Studio, see the Esko Data Exchange documentation:
  • To use the 3D models in another application (e.g.: ArtiosCAD), then you need to download the 3D model, select it in your Shapes Library, click the Info button, go to the Parts tab and click Export button.


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