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As of ArtiosCAD 16.1, The passwords for the sa and programmer database users for new installations of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express will no longer be set to the default passwords that were used in the past. The user will be required to set their own passwords for these users as part of the installation process of the database engine. This affects older knowledge base articles which had the passwords for the database mentioned in them. The newly set password should be substituted for the default password when attempting to follow the procedures in these older articles.

Upgrades of existing installations of ArtiosCAD to version 16.1 will continue to use the passwords that have been set in the database at time of the earlier ArtiosCAD installation (typically the default password). The requirement of the user to set the passwords only applies when doing a new installation of ArtiosCAD with a new database engine installation.

Changing existing passwords

If the passwords for either the sa or programmer database users need to be changed, be sure to use DataCenter Admin to change the password so that SQL Server and ArtiosCAD are aware of the change.

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