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When using a PitStop Preflight Profile to check if the page size matches a certain SmartName value, the resolved value for the SmartName is not correct.


Preflight check on file size is resulting in warnings when the page size is actually correct.

The report shows wrong target values.


You have a width (value: 100) and height (value: 100) parameter returning the requested file size. You use these parameters in the PitStop profile to check for page size.

When using this profile on a document that is 100x100mm, the final status of the preflight task is a warning message. When checking the report it tells you that the expected page size is 35x35mm. When checking your SmartNames in Automation Engine they still provide the correct value (100).


In the SmartName add your unit (mm) with the value.

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Automation Engine

Last revised27-Mar-17
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