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Laetus Pharmacode barcodes with a value lower than 15 cannot be read by the Global Vision tools integrated in the Viewer and the Inspect Barcodes task. Why?


In order to correctly read a Pharmacode you need:

  • at least four bars in total
  • at least one thin and one thick bar

The reason for this limitation lies in the fact that a Pharmacode does not have a checksum or key indicators. This can result in many false positive detections. 

Consider the Pharmacode with a value three as an example. This code has two thin bars. When scanning a design for barcodes, there is no way to distinguish such a code from a double upper case 'i' or a double lower case 'l'.

Without such a limitation, this KB article would contain a dozen codes with value 1 (I) and a couple of codes with value 7 (E).

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