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Many users are using larger monitors (24", 27" and higher) with resolutions greater than 1080p or FHD (Full High Def). The ArtiosCAD toolbar icons and text can appear small. Many users take advantage of the Windows Zoom Level in Control Panel > Display and set the level to 125% or 150%.


When the zoom level is configured to greater than 100%, toolbar icons and text in ArtiosCAD versions earlier than 16.1 would remain the same size and look small relative to the larger, higher res viewing area. 


If the Use Windows Display Zoom Level... option under Help > Diagnostics > Toolbar Appearance in ArtiosCAD 16.1 is set, ArtiosCAD will read the Windows zoom level at startup and scale the toolbar icons to match the specified percentage. If this option is not set, the toolbar icons will appear at their normal size.

As a further control, if the Toolbar Size is set to something other than Normal, the icons will scale to the stated sizes.

If both options are set, ArtiosCAD will first scale the toolbar icons to match the zoom level. Then, a second scaling will occur based on the Toolbar Size setting.

Toolbar icons are bitmaps

As the toolbar icons are bitmaps, scaling results in a stretching of the bitmap which may result in a pixelated view of the toolbar icon. Users should indeed be using high-res monitors to soften any pixelated effect.

Users should experiment to match the resolution with a toolbar icon size and arrive at the optimal appearance.

Text and controls

At OS zoom levels, larger than 100%, ArtiosCAD text size does not change. In addition, some prompt bar and dialog input/output controls may be misaligned.


Without 16.1, there is no workaround for controlling toolbar icon sizes. However for text sizes, an alternative exists regardless of the ArtiosCAD version.


Control Panel > Personalization > Window Color > Advanced Appearance settings > Item > Menu to control menu sizes. There are many application settings with this applet, so the user is free to experiment.

These solutions are not perfect, which is why toolbar sizes is under Help > Diagnostics. But using them in combination with the Personalization Applet will go a long way to using the OS zoom level on hi-res monitors.

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