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After upgrading to Automation Engine 16.0.2 it is not possible to process ArtPro files (containing live fonts) which are created in ArtPro version 16.0.0 and ArtPro Action List used in Automation Engine 16.0/16.0.1.

A clear error message in the log file states: "ERROR: Font issues were detected. Please resave the input ArtPro file in ArtPro 16.0 hotfix build 111 or higher."


There was an issue in ArtPro 16.0.0 and Automation Engine 16.0.0/16.0.1 with the encoding of non-ASCII characters in specific fonts, which could lead to wrong output of the generated ArtPro files (typically missing special characters or accented letters…). This issue is in the mean time fixed in both ArtPro and Automation Engine.

To avoid wrong output with ArtPro files created or saved in these versions of ArtPro and Automation Engine, Automation Engine 16.0.2 and higher do not allow output of such files.

Can this be solved?

Yes, it can be.The ArtPro files themselves are corrupted but they can be corrected by manually opening and saving the files again in ArtPro 16.0 HF Build 111 or higher. Re-saving them in ArtPro 16.0.1 or 16.0.2 is preferred.

Re-save the file in ArtPro

When the affected files are opened in these newer versions of ArtPro, the Font outline check dialog will pop up if problem characters are detected. Choosing to Accept all live text will typically resolve the issues if the preview of the characters presented in the dialog was OK. If however Accept Live Text does not show the characters as expected, you can Undo, Recalculate and try to Accept All Live Text while holding the Shift key for an alternative calculation.

Note that the official ArtPro 16.0.0 version was taken offline and cannot be downloaded anymore.

How to know which files have been affected?

You can scan your ArtPro files in ArtPro 16.0 hotfix build 324.
  1. Install ArtPro 16.0 hotfix build 324.
  2. Open the new File menu item called Check Fonts….
  3. Select a root folder for scanning ArtPro files, or immediately click the Check button, which will also allow you to browse for a root folder
  4. When the Check button is clicked, ArtPro will then look for ArtPro files that have been saved in ArtPro 16.0.0 in the selected folder and all of its subfolders.
  5. If the files contain characters with the wrong encoding, they will be listed in the Files To Check Manually section. These are the files that need to be resaved. 
    • Once the scan is done, you can immediately fix the files in the hotfix build. Simply double-clicking will open them.
    • By clicking the Save Files List… button, you can save the list in a text file, so you can still check them later.
  6. If the files were saved in ArtPro 16.0.0 but no font issues are encountered, they are listed in the Whitelisted Files section. No action is needed on these files.
  7. Scanning is done when the Check button is enabled again.
  8. If you need to stop the scan, you can do so by using shortcut command (Command+full stop).

What about Windows/Automation Engine? 

The bug has been fixed on ArtPro side, so ArtPro files generated in newer versions do not have this problem and can be processed by Automation Engine 16.0.2.  We cannot change the past though. So Automation Engine 16.0.2, in order to prevent wrong output, performs a check and refuses to process ArtPro files that have been created with the ArtPro 16.0.0 kernel and containing live fonts. Automation Engine 16.0.2 with HF 201704021 will now also verify the used fonts from the ArtPro file and verify these against a Whitelisted Font list (saved in the file WhitelistedFontsArtPro160.txt ), if the font is listed in this file, the Apply ArtPro Action List or Export ArtPro to Normalized PDF task will not fail anymore.
Unfortunately the ArtPro font libraries are Mac based so it is impossible to detect and fix these issues on Windows which is why some files are being blocked, while there may not be a real issue with them. So to help Automation Engine users detect the problem fonts, hotfix builds of ArtPro and Automation Engine are available*:
  1. Install ArtPro 16.0 hotfix build 324.
  2. Open the new File menu item called Check Fonts….
  3. Click the Save Whitelisted Fonts List… button to get a list of fonts that do not pose any encoding issues. If this list, a text file that needs to be called “WhitelistedFontsArtPro160.txt”, is passed onto the related Automation Engine hotfix build, Automation Engine will be able to process ArtPro files that only contain the whitelisted fonts. 
    • Be sure to activate all fonts that you want to be checked
    • If you have an Automation Engine connection set up in the ArtPro Preferences, the default save location for the text file will already be the correct one
    • If you do not have such a connection, please save or copy the fonts file next to your ArtPro Action Lists, i.e. in  bg_data_custom_v010\dat\ArtPro Action Lists
    • In build 324, an option to "Merge whitelisted fonts lists" is offered in the Save dialog. This will help if you need to repeat this process multiple times (e.g. because fonts cannot all be activated at the same time). If the Merge option is enabled, the txt file will not simply be overwritten by the previous one, but the fonts from the newly generated list will be merged with the existing one.
  4. Install the related Automation Engine hotfix build and use it to process the ArtPro files.

ArtPro files that were saved in ArtPro 16.0.0 and contain characters with wrong encoding (so using fonts that were not whitelisted) will still be blocked to prevent wrong output. These need to be re-saved in ArtPro, in a version higher than 16.0.0. (See information above)

I am using ArtPro 16.0.0

If your ArtPro build number is lower than 111, please upgrade to the latest released version to reduce the risk on affected files.

I am using Automation Engine 16.0 or 16.0.1

Your version of Automation Engine does not yet check in which version ArtPro files were saved. To block potentially affected files, please upgrade your Automation Engine to version 16.0.2 with HF 201704021 and perform the steps explained in "What about Windows/Automation Engine?". 
It is equally important to understand that files created or re-saved with an ArtPro Action List in Automation Engine 16.0 or 16.0.1 are also considered potentially affected files. These files might need to be manually checked in ArtPro later on. This is an additional reason to upgrade to Automation Engine 16.0.2 as soon as possible.

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