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Some Esko test files for Pixel+ or Full HD Flexo do not contain XML info which leads into problems when sending through the Automation Engine Device Manager.

Needed Software: Digital Flexo Suite 16.0.4 and later.


  1. Open the folder Send To which is located in the installation path of Digital Flexo Suite (e.g. c:\esko\DFS\Send To\) and execute the batch file "COPY-TO-SENDTO.bat".
  2. This will copy four batch files to the Send To folder of the actual user:
    • ESKO Add XMP-Info.bat
    • ESKO Rotate  90.bat
    • ESKO Rotate 180.bat
    • ESKO Rotate 270.bat
  3. Mark all the LEN or TIF files without XML info which causes the problem with device manager and send these files with a right mouse click Send To > ESKO Add XMP-Info.bat.

A warning that all existing XML info will be overwritten will be shown. After pressing a key, files will be modified and will be usable for Automation Engine Device Manager:

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