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This KB article describes a workaround when compensation curves for spot colors aren't calculated in PressSync 16.0.2. In this particular case, a spot color is any other color than the standard CMYKOGB colors.


  • You'll get the following message after measuring a chart with spot colors:
    "Notes form collecting all measurement samples: A solid patch for ink xxx (pms1000c) was not measured. It will not be possible to calculate a curve based on tone measurements for this ink."
  • The spot color is missing in the results window (Spot Colors > Tone Measurements > All Inks).


Solved in the November 2017 release of Esko Software Platform.


  1. Measure the chart.
  2. Save the measurement.
  3. Open the it8 file with a text editor.
  4. Add INKSET 22 below the PROCESSCOLOR_ID               "pms1000c/Violet" line.
  5. Save the it8 file.
  6. Click the Cancel button.
  7. Remove the existing measurement data by selecting it and clicking the Remove button:
  8. Click the Measured Data… button and load the modified it8 file.
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PressSync 16.0.2

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