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After upgrading WebCenter from V16.0 to 16.1, the attribute page of the project loads with an error that reads: Ajax call unsuccessful. Status: 404.

Please find attached file for detailed error log. Ajax error.rtf


When you try loading attribute page of a Project / task form with attributes, the page pops with multiple error that reads: Ajax call unsuccessful. Status: 404

Attribute value doesn't load.


The Ajax error is not a WebCenter issue. It is because the IIS restriction set is limited to load database tables.

By default, the Maximum query string size is set to 2048 bytes in IIS Manager > Request Filtering. After upgrading to WebCenter 16 / 16.1, it demands for more bytes to query string / load database tables. Since default size set for Query size in IIS is lower, it will have issue loading database tables in Attributes page of a project.

Please find the procedure to change / update query string size in IIS:

  1. Log on to WebCenter WebServer.
  2. Go to IIS Manager > WebServer "Name of WebServer" > Request Filtering.
  3. Change the Maximum query string (Bytes) value from 2048 to 4096.
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