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PlateCell and CellCenter screens on Nexus was setup and used from Nexus Expose tickets.

In the Imaging Engine, screens are used (selected) from an Expose ticket. However, as setup of some screens are not part of the base screens, it is done from a dedicated screening application (Screen Manager, HD Flexo). So, not only the way of setup is changed but also the screen format.

Screen Manager license

Nexus customers having PlateCell/CellCenter screens, will get Screen Manager with a permanent license!

Screen Manager is part of the Imaging Engine products installer. So, when you have the license activated, the Screen Manager application will be installed next to your Imaging Engine rip.


Check the PlateCell and/or CellCenter Screen settings in your Nexus Workflow

Open your Nexus workflow and check the settings in Rasterize Separations which is shown in the example screenshot given below:

Open ScreenManager on the Imaging Engine Server and follow the steps given below (steps are also mentioned in the screenshot):

  1. Click the + button to make a new screen.
  2. Enter a name, e.g.: PlateCell.
  3. Select your original dot, e.g.; Circular.
  4. Click the Surface Screening tab and select the 'Use Surface Screening' checkbox.
  5. Define the following settings for your PlateCell and/or CellCenter:
    1. specify the parameters that were used in Nexus: PlateCell Type, Cell Size
    2. specify the CellCenter parameters if needed: Start at, End Size and Frequency
    3. Deselect the Restrict to Flexo Angles only checkbox if you also need the screen for offset angles
    4. Deselect the Restrict ruling from checkbox if needed and define for which rulings you need the screen

    The more rulings and angles are listed for the screen, the longer it will take to create/save the screen, as ScreenManager needs to create screentiles for all these rulings/angles.

  6. Define the resolution.
  7. When all settings are done, click the Save button. This will create your PlateCell screen in the bg_data_screens_v020 folder (can take a while because the screentiles are saved on your hard disk).
  8. When finished, you can use the PlateCell/CellCenter screen in the Imaging Engine tickets. Go to the Separations tab and select the SCRxx --> PlateCell in the Dot field.
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