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Along with Office Support, the WebCenter HTML5 Viewer got a Text Selection Tool. However, this tool is only available for MS Office Documents that have gone through an SVG (vector graphics) conversion.

With this little trick, it is also possible to add the Text Selection Tool to PDF Documents.

A specific license is needed to use this functionality on a production WebCenter. See the following article for more information:
The SVG vector representation is not able to represent correctly all aspects of the PDF rendering model. So, this method should not be used for judging production artwork.


To be able to have Text Selection Tool on a PDF, the PDF has to go through a similar procedure as the Word files do. The steps described below will assume that you have the knowledge of how to set up Viewable Other Document. More information about that can be found in:

To set this up for PDF, take the following steps:

  1. Create the following script and add it to your script runner:

    mkdir "%4"
    copy "%1" "%4\%3.pdf"
    java -jar "E:\pdf2svg.jar" "%3" "%4\%3.pdf" "%4" 200 <Qoppa License Key>
    del "%4\%3.pdf"
    When no Qoppa License is available (test systems only), remove 200 <Qoppa License Key> from the script, if you do have one, replace <Qoppa License Key> with the Key.
  2. Create a duplicate of the Automation Engine Task that converts Office Files to SVG.
  3. Change the script in the ScriptRunner node to the one you just created and save the ticket.
  4. Update your CustomizationConfig.xml file to make PDF files use the ticket you just created.
  5. When uploading your PDF, make sure this is done as file type "Other". This can be done in two ways:
    1. On the single upload page, select Other in the File Type drop-down .
    2. Make sure PDF is no longer recognized as graphics type (globally). This can be done by modifying <WebCenter  Instance>/config/config.xml: look for the tag <SupportedDesktopGraphics> and remove the line <extension value=".pdf"/>. The Web Server will need a restart for these changes to apply.
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