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Configuring Virtual SMTP server to allow WebCenter or Automation Engine to use customers' office 365 Email services.


The Email test works but the Email with attachments or WebCenter automated Emails such as Project links fail to be received.


  1. Create a Virtual SMTP server on the Automation Engine or Appserver.
  2. Configure Esko application Email configure tool to see the local server's Virtual SMTP: port 25. Set up the Virtual server to authenticate with the office365: port 587 using TLS .


Create a dedicated Office365 Email account user and password with forward privilege to be created for use with the Esko system(s). For e.g: which may take time.


In order to configure the IIS SMTP Email server to forward Emails via an office365 account, please follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open the Server Manager.

  2. Go to Features and select the SMTP Server feature to allow you to set up an Email server.

  3. Add the required role services.

  4. Complete the installation.
  5. Set it to Automatic startup type and if not started, start the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol service.
  6. Go to IIS 6.0 Manager > SMTP Virtual Server > Properties.

  7. In the General tab, select the Enable logging checkbox.
  8. Click Properties... and add the options as indicated below:
  9. In the Access tab > Connection Control section, click the Connection... button.
  10. Add the IP of Automation Engine Server and add

  11. Also add the IP address of the Automation Engine Server and to the Relay Restrictions in the Access tab.

  12. Then go to the Delivery tab and click Outbound Security....

  13. Choose Basic Authentication and enter your office365 Email Address and password. Select the TLS encryption checkbox.
  14. Then go to Outbound connections and set the TCP port to 587.
  15. In the Delivery tab > Advanced delivery, enter as in the example below.

  16. In the Messages tab, increase limits to allow for bigger Emails. E.g: size: 20480, limit: 1024000.

  17. Go to IIS 6.0 Manager > SMTP Virtual Server > stop & then start to implement all the changes that have been made.

  18. Now, the Virtual SMTP Email server is configured, configure Esko applications to connect to it. See below In Automation Engine and/or WebCenter Email, using IP or ServerName  port 25.



If you do not have a suitable Email Service, Gmail will also work when a Virtual SMTP set up is used as go between. See the following KB article for more information:

The Virtual SMTP will use resources on its server and takes some set up time, so if you have a suitable non Office365 Email, use that.

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WebCenter 16.1

Automation Engine 16.0

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  1. current security on Gmail can block email .  log in to the Gmail account , you will have to allow low security apps & accept the login form this app explicitly in Gmail settings .

    unable to add the screen shots from other article. KB170995246: Automation Engine - How to Configure a Gmail Account