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ArtiosCAD 16 is not compatible with Xx-Guide. Avoid installing the two applications on the same computer.

Why should ArtiosCAD be installed on a Kongsberg computer?

ArtiosCAD could be installed on a Kongsberg computer for the following two reasons:

  • To open non ACM files on Xx-Guide.
  • There's an Advantage CAD license.

What is Kongsberg controller?

For iCut Production Console (IPC) don't install ArtiosCAD, it's not needed. IPC can handle the most known file formats for Packaging and Sign & Display.

Tables with Xx-Guide released after 2014 can use CAD-X functionalities from ArtiosCAD 14.1 to open files ARD, CFF2, DXF, HPGL without license. Perhaps, ArtiosCAD 12.1 does have better compatibility with Guide. ArtiosCAD 7.7 is the best option but it is on EOL process.

How to avoid installing SQL Server Express Database?

ArtiosCAD 12 and 14 will install SQL Server Express by default when installed with Standalone or Typical option.

Perhaps many Kongsberg computers are delivered with 32Bit Windows, and ArtiosCAD installer will fail to install bundled SQL Server Express because it is 64Bit version.

There are some articles explaining how to install SQL 32Bit manually, but it will consume some amount of CPU and the Advantage Cad License doesn't allow to add new material through Datacenter Admin.

ArtiosCAD cannot work properly without database either.

There's a workaround but it's not fully supported because it installs MS-Access database in place of SQL database.


  1. Create a .BAT file as given below:

    REM Place this file on ArtiosCAD folder of the installer.
    REM Then drag the setup.exe over this bat
    REM After installing don't forget to delete the ODBC connection, Artios will install the SQL connection, create a new one using
    REM ACCESS type and point to the dcenter.MDB inside your datacenter folder
    %echo off
    start /wait %~1 /w /s /v"/qb+ DATABASETYPE=\"Microsoft Access\" SYSTEMTYPE=Standalone REBOOT=ReallySuppress"
  2. Go to the ArtiosCAD installer.
  3. Considering you have the ISO mounted as D: drive, go to D:\ArtiosCAD
  4. Drag the file setup.exe (D:\ArtiosCAD\setup.exe) over the new batch file and it will install ArtiosCAD with MS-Access database.

Probably a new ODBC connection needs to be made manually.

Create ODBC for Access DB

  1. For 32Bit Windows:
    Windows key+R, ODBCAD.EXE, and press Enter.
  2. For 64Bit Windows:
    Windows key+R, ODBCAD32.EXE, and press Enter.
  3. Follow the screenshots:

After performing the above steps, ArtiosCAD should have a working Access Database running.

This workaround is valid only for Advantage CAD license.

Access database is not supported. Don't expect to get help to fix this database.

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