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How do I move to a new location in the drafting area when creating geometry in ArtiosCAD?


ArtiosCAD creates geometry such that the start point for the new geometry is the end point of the geometry which has just been created. In this way, ArtiosCAD lays out geometry end to end as to facilitate a closed contour and a progression through the design.


If the user wants to start somewhere else in the drafting area, the current point can be moved using the Move By tool which is mapped to CTRL + Q by default.


Various controls allow the user to precisely control where the current point will be or the user can simply click in the drafting area.

CTRL key

The user can also hold down the CTRL key while using any of the Line tools. This will allow the user to move to a new point using the drag prompts and feedback of the Line tool to move the current point to a new location.

So using one hand to control the geometry and the other to control a new current point provides for flexible drafting.

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