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These guidelines will help you to register your Support Request Case as accurately as possible, and it will help Esko Support to properly prioritize your Case and to assign it to the most appropriate Support Engineer.

What is useful in the Description field?

Please provide an answer on following questions:

  • Which version (and build) of the software you have installed? (Menu Info > About)
  • Since when do you have the problem?
  • How often do you have the problem?
  • Is it a problem with one file or all files?
  • Is there a TeamViewer connection available? Please provide us the ID and the password
  • Describe the problem step by step

How to choose the Problem Urgency of your Case

Here are some guidelines for assigning the most appropriate Problem Urgency for your Support Request Case.

I have a problem on my workstation for a certain Esko product, but my colleagues can continue working without problems.


I have a problem on my workstation for a certain Esko product. My colleagues can work continue working, but
due to this problem I cannot finish an urgent task.


The Esko software starts up but due to an error / strange behavior, I / my colleagues cannot do our daily job.


The problem happens with one particular file; when testing with another file of the same type, all goes fine.


The problem is not file specific; it happens with all files of the same type.


I don't know how to do a certain action / where to find a certain setting in my Esko Software.

I cannot find it in the user manual.


I would like support but not immediately as I am busy, I want to be contacted on a particular date / time.


There is an external consultant such as an IT expert on site for the problem who is awaiting help from Esko Support.


None of my colleagues can work with the Esko software; it cannot be started up.


Production has stopped due to the Esko product problem.


How do I add attachments to my Case?

After you have submitted your Case, the Case Details page appears. On this page, you can attach as many files as you need by using the Post action and clicking the attachment icon:

Which type of attachments will help get my Case resolved faster?

  • screenshots of the error / warning / message
  • the job ticket / original file(s)
  • log files

Prepare for Esko to connect to your computer

A more complex situation is often easier to show rather than to explain in writing. Typically Esko Support will ask to view your screen to understand better what is happening, collect more details on the issue, and resolve it!  Awaiting our response on your case, you can already download Esko Quick Support (TeamViewer) on the workstation/server where the issue happens. Installation is not required.

Download Esko Quick Support

Need Answers Fast

Don't forget to check our suggested solutions in the Need Answers Fast section on the right hand side of the Create Case page. Each time you update the Subject field of the new Case, we run a search in our extensive Knowledge Base and Product Documentation as well as the User Forum on our Community. Chances are your question has already been resolved before and your problem may already be fixed!

I have a Wish for a new / enhanced feature

Great! Don't register a New Case but go to the section 'Ideas' on the Support Community instead to register your idea:

Find more info about the Esko Ideas concept.

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