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Imaging Engine reports an error and the job fails when trying to make CIP3 files at a very low resolution.


When using the "Calculate Ink Key Settings (CIP3)" ticket, if the resolution is set to very low (for example resolutions around 20 dpi or lower), Imaging Engine can sometimes fail with a rather cryptic error:

unimplemented code reached; ACRErrorType: 1

This is an internal rendering error that can sometimes occur when rendering at extremely low resolutions.


There is no direct solution for this issue, but it can be easily avoided with a simple workaround.


In the Output tab of the Calculate Ink Key Settings (CIP3) ticket, set Anti-aliasing to a value other than "None". This has the effect of multiplying the internal rendering resolution by the selected factor, so the error should no longer occur. The resolution of the output files is unchanged.

As a side-effect, the quality of the CIP3 information should be improved, due to the higher internal rendering resolution.

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