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After a proofer recalibration (through the "Check and Recalibrate" wizard in Color Engine Pilot), a "Print Verification strip" request in a "Proof for Contract Approval" task (Pack Proof) may cause strips to be printed that unexpectedly and wrongly fail when being measured/verified.


When proofing a file through Pack Proof with an added Verification strip, the values in the artwork of the file measure differently from the values in the Verification strip. It looks as though any adjustments that have been made from Check and Recalibrate are being applied to the ripping of the artwork but are not being applied to the ripping of the Verification strip.

Verification strips are coming out with inaccurate values causing proofs to fail when the artwork would technically pass.

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Applies to

Automation Engine 16.0.2


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Case Number CS00926506

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