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Why does the custom toolbar with outputs from ArtiosCAD 16.1 not show in ArtiosCAD 16.0?


Defaults shared among ArtiosCAD versions

Starting with ArtiosCAD 16, defaults can be shared among all versions installed on a system. Only one set of defaults is needed.


If a custom toolbar with outputs is updated in ArtiosCAD 16.1 or newer, the customer toolbar does not appear in ArtiosCAD 16 or 16.0.1.


A change was made to increase the total number of outputs to 2000. This introduced a backwards incompatibility. Neither ArtiosCAD 16.0.1 nor 16, can read the defaults section that contain a custom toolbar with outputs. It can read all other defaults.


The incompatibility only exists with 16.0.1 and 16. ArtiosCAD seats should be upgraded to at least 16.1. With the impending release of ArtiosCAD, there is too much distance between versions to address this issue properly. This issue will not be addressed.

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