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Pack Proof 18.0 adds support for the new Epson SC-Sx06x0 series for which NO Esko and EFI EPL files are available. You have to use the Epson Edge Dashboard software to generate EPL files.
This KB describes how to use the Epson Edge Dashboard software.

It is also possible to print with white and metallic inks if configured so by the SC-S80600 printer. Specific settings regarding these features are also described in this article.


Epson Edge Dashboard is used to manage and monitor Epson SC-Sx06x0 printers by registering them via this tool. It's a web based solution which allows to manage up to four printers.

EFI uses this tool to generate EPL files based on a print configuration file (EMX file) which need to be downloaded with this tool!

It is obligatory to use the latest version of the Epson Dashboard software. At the time of writing this KB (March 2019) it is v2.0.2:

EMX file: containing ICC profile, print output parameters and print mode-specific data such as optimized ink densities and half toning > the optimum print settings for a specific type of media.

Installation and configuration of the Epson SC-Sx(4/6/8)0600 through the Epson Edge Dashboard tool.

Configuration requirements

Please be aware that you need a physical connection with the printer in order to finalize the configuration. If the printer is not available/ found then you won't be able to register the printer!

  1. Point your browser to to start downloading the software.
  2. Enter the name of the available printer model in the Setting Up Your Product search field, e.g. "SC-S80600".
  3. Click the Let's get started button.
  4. Click the View button to download the installation instructions for the printer, if not done yet.
  5. Click the Download button to download the Epson "Navi" software, which will install the required printer driver and the Epson Edge Dashboard software.
  6. After installing the software, you will get a new windows printer and a "Epson Edge Dashboard" shortcut on the desktop.

  7. Double click the "Epson Edge Dashboard" shortcut to open the software.
  8. The (empty) Printer Registration page will be opened in the default browser.
  9. Click the Search button to list the available printers.

    Printers which are not online (either due to an invalid IP address or output to a file) are not listed! A physical connection is required!
  10. Select the printer you want to register and assign to the first tab (up to four printers maximum can be registered!).

  11. Click the Apply button to confirm the registration. The name of the printer will be added to the tab.

  12. Click the Home button. This is how the user interface looks like in the newest Edge Dashboard:


  13. Click the printer picture to open the printer status page.


  14. Beside the Printer Status page you can find the Media Settings tab. Clicking on it you will find a user interface similar to this, which displays the Local Media library and also the Media Settings already installed on the device:

  15. Click the Download EMX file button.

  16. Click the Search button to download the list of available media. Specify the media vendor for a dedicated list.

  17. Select the media you want to download and click the Download button.

  18. Close the Download Media Settings window.
  19. Restart the Proof Server software.

    Info: EMX to EPL generation

    When EPL files do not appear in the proof server after downloading media settings (EMX) with the Epson Dashboard tool (and after restarting the Proof Server),
    then do the following:

    1. Stop the proof server.
    2. Open this folder: C:\ProgramData\Esko\Proof\Server\Temp\SC-S806X0\<IP address of EPSON printer>
    3. Delete the <IP address of EPSON printer> folder.
    4. Restart the proof server > at start-up time the proof server will read the media settings from any connected Epson SC-S device. Info about the media settings (EMX) is stored in a *.json file which is created in the newly created <IP address of EPSON printer> folder.
  20. Create a new output device and select the correct driver (e.g.: EPSON SC-S806X0 CT).
  21. Create a new workflow and connect it with the new output device.
  22. Go to the Media tab > new EPL files are available (if not then wait a bit longer or restart again the Proof Server software).

Accessing the software from another computer in the same network

For xxxxxxxxxxxx, enter the computer name for the computer on which Epson Control Dashboard is installed, or enter the IP address.

Specialties related to White and Silver Ink printing on the Epson SC-S806x0 series:

Both special printing methods have their own CT driver:

Driving the White and Metallic channels of the printer requires the selection of the appropriate Print mode in the Special tab of the Output Device Properties in the Proof Client.
The printing order can also be defined there.

In case the Spot color mode is selected for any of the special inks the corresponding ink from the ClassicColors inkbook has to be defined as an Extra Output ink in the Color strategy. An example in case of using the Metallic ink of the device:

We have observed several occasions that the line thickness of fine text was not output according to the expectations using the normal printing mode or when printing on white. In such a case the following measures and adjustments to the workflow are advised to be made:

  • Make sure that the Media Settings corresponding to the used media are properly applied on the printer while your print job is printed. This can be observed on the printers display panel, where a number is displayed indicating the actually effective media setting. This number needs to match the number of the specific media in the Epson Edge Dashboard software. That is displayed in the little blue box.

    For this to work properly all media installed on the printer needs to be synchronized and downloaded with the Epson Edge Dashboard. Only in that case the proper Media setting can be applied on the printer. If this number does not match with that of the position of the Media setting in the Epson Edge Dashboard software it means that the printer is not printing according to the specific media setting defined for the used substrate.
  • Select the appropriate EPL with adequate resolution and speed. The name of the EPL file indicates these settings.
  • Check the ink densities of all CMYK Channels using one of the following charts:

    In case you observe that ink densities do not change in the upper parts of the halftone scale you should consider making a new EPL for the media using the "New Linearization and Profile" option in the Proof Client.
  • Adjust the "RIP Resolution" of the printing workflow in the Proof Client to High.
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