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Having issues when you're downloading a trial? Here are some guidelines to help you out! 
This article describes what can be trialed and where to find the installers as well as how to start the different trials:

1] What can be trialed?

  • some plugins
  • some standalone applications
  • an application & plugin

2] How to get started?!

Visit the trial section of and click on the product that you want trial:

  1. Click the download button for your operating system (macOS/Windows). You will be asked to sign in with your Esko ID.
  2. Download the installer file and install it on your Mac/Windows computer. Make sure to check the system requirements page first.
  3. When you start the software, you will get the licensing method options as shown in the screenshot below (i.e Cape Pack trial). Choose the second option "I have an Esko ID to sign in and to use my Subscription" and sign in with your Esko ID. 

To be able to start a trial, you'll need to click either "Trial for Mac" or "Trial for Windows" button.

3] Where do I find the system requirements?

Following link will lead you to system requirements page.  

Always consult the System Requirements for Esko products. It's important to verify whether your environment matches the System Requirements before you install or upgrade an Esko product.

4] What to do in case you don't get access to the trial? 

When you click the Download button, a check is made to see if you have already installed the trial before:

  • If not, this will generate a new trial for your Esko ID and the download will start.
  • If you have already started a trial:
    • If it is not expired, the download will start.
    • If it is already expired you won't be able to request a new trial and the download won't start.

5] What to do if you do not have an Esko ID?

Creating an Esko ID is simple. All you need to create an Esko ID is an e-mail address and, if you are already an Esko customer, your Company Code

(plus) Create your Esko ID here

Use your corporate e-mail address when you register your Esko ID. In many cases this will allow us to automatically approve your Esko ID, so that you will get your confirmation e-mail immediately - no manual review step required!

If we cannot automatically approve your Esko ID based on your corporate e-mail address, we will review your request within 24 hours, and after approval you will receive a confirmation e-mail

This approval step makes sure that your company code is never misused by someone else and that only people from within your company have access to company-specific data.

6] What if I get a license key error?

To troubleshoot this issue, proceed as follows:

  1. Check if the Network License Manager is up and running.
    If no problems with the Network License Manager can be found, proceed to the next step.
  2. Check the connection from your computer to the Network License Manager.

7] How long does it take to activate a trial license?

If you're worried you won't be able to get along with your work while the trial is installed...DON'T! The activation happens in the background, so you can perfectly continue with what you were doing while the installation is completed.

8] What software can I trial?

Not all software is available for trial. Here's a list of all available trial downloads.

If you have any questions left unanswered please let us know by contacting!

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