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I received CGATS data from a GMG OpenColor system but the import into Color Engine (Pilot) fails:

  • Color Engine Pilot error: "Cannot import process"
  • Color Pilot error: "The profile cannot be imported: Input file doesn't contain coordinates"

How can I make the data compatible with Color Engine?


  1. Download X-rite ProfileMaker:

  2. Run the installer and only select the MeasureTool component.

  3. Restart the PC.
  4. Start the MeasureTool.

    You can run this tool without a dongle!

  5. Go to File > Open > Browse, and select the CGATS file.

  6. Go to File > Save As ... and select "Text Files" as file format.

  7. Start the Color Engine (Pilot) and import the new txt file.

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