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  • KB213989589: How to add the color strategy name to the job ticket (info line) printed below the job
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One can print additional information below the job about the proof configuration (enable the Job Ticket option in the Layout Property tab of a proof server workflow). However, the info is limited to proof server information like the used EPL and workflow name. Information from the Pack Proof ticket (e.g.: the name of the color strategy) can't be retrieved by the proof server!

This KB article describes how you can print the color strategy name by means of a SmartMark.


  1. Download attached default SmartMark > PackProof_ISO12647-7_2007+Patches.grs

  2. Copy the attached SmartMark to the following location to make it available in the proof ticket:

  3. Open the GRS file with PackEdge to change the text (e.g.: to add the Proofing Device and Substrate name).
    1. Create a new document.
    2. Production > SmartMarks.
    3. Load the SmartMark:

    4. Double click the SmartMark with as name SmartText and add / change the text to your desire.
      Don't remove the [colstrat] SmartText, this is the SmartText which will add the color strategy name (wink).
    5. Click Apply and close the SmartMark Options window.
    6. Save the SmartMark set:

  4. Open the proof ticket and select the SmartMark:
    1. FlexProof/E: General tab > Marks > SmartMarks option.
    2. PackProof:  General tab > SmartMark option.
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