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The background simulation (A.K.A white point simulation) when making a contract proof is typically not accurate at the first attempt. This KB describes a way to improve the simulation.

Software requirements: Color Pilot 16.1.1 or higher / Pack Proof 16.0 or higher


Modifying the white point of a press profile will recalculate ALL colors (also the solid colors)!
As a consequence, you will lose some color accuracy (depends on the modification size).


  1. Create a designer ink of the press profile's white point:
    1. Open the designer ink book.
    2. Open the Compare Inks tool.
    3. Click the cogwheel icon and choose Add Color from Profile.
    4. Select the press profile.
    5. Click OK.


      All values should be "0".

    6. Drag and drop the patch to the designer ink book and give it a name.
    7. Save the designer ink book.
  2. Open the Proofing Color Strategy (should be one with Rendering Intent with value "Absolute Colorimetric").
  3. Go to the Exceptions and add the designer ink created in step 1 (the press profile's white point).
  4. Right click the designer ink and choose Refine....
  5. Choose as Refining method: "Visually, by proofing a number of variations".
  6. Click Next and define the variations.


    If the background simulation is too dark, go for 0 up steps.
    If the simulation is too light, you have to go for 0 down steps!

  7. Proof the Variations Charts (A.K.A grid chart).
  8. Compare the press substrate with the variations under D50 light and select the best matching patch.
  9. Click Next in the Refine Spot Colors tool and select the best matching patch.
  10. Click Next and Finish.
  11. Note down the new Conversion Values.
  12. Save the Color Strategy.
  13. Open the Compare Inks tool.
  14. Select the cogwheel icon and choose "Add Color from Profile".
  15. Select the proofer profile and enter the Conversion Values.
  16. Note down the Lab value.

How to use the new Lab values in case of contract proofing?

  1. Make a copy of the press profile.
  2. Open the duplicated press profile.
  3. Click the View Patches button.
  4. Now click the Edit White... button and enter the Lab value (see step 16).
  5. Save the profile.
  6. Export the profile.
  7. Import the profile with a new name (this step is required due to a bug).
  8. Create a new Proofing Color Strategy with the new press profile.
  9. Make a proof to evaluate.

How to use the new Lab in case of a dot proof?

  1. Create a new designer ink
  2. Use it in the Overrule Substrate Color of Press Profile option in the proofing color strategy
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