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View file generation or Check and registration fails with error "Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF file"

If the Automation Engine OBGE cannot prepare view files for a file uploaded to WebCenter, the document will not get a thumbnail and the checking and registering failed  icon will be displayed next to the document.


Click the Document Name to go to the Document Details > click the Action History tab.

In the Action History table, the event View Generation is listed. It shows a line Check and register with a date and time.

In the Comment column, you can check whether the Prepare for Viewing task on the Automation Engine OBGE finished successfully or not.

Next to the status, there is a Show Task Details link. Click the link and if your find the error:

 Missing halftone information in Normalized PDF file. Normally Normalized PDF files always have screening information


The above error message is because there is an RGB color image is used in the artwork and our Automation Engine OBGE does not handle RGB colors hence the error.

The artwork must be converted to CMYK mode using any editors license Illustrator, Photoshop or ESKO editor like ArtPro, PackEdge. Then re-upload the document to WebCenter as new version or document to generate the view files properly.

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