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What type of hardware can I add to an ArtiosCAD 3D design?


ArtiosCAD has a feature called Options > Set as Hardware Component. This feature will convert a 3D model which has been imported into ArtiosCAD, to a piece of hardware which can be added to a 3D design.

However, there are some important limitations.  


This tool was intended to allow 3D model profiles that already exist in Options > Defaults > 3D Hardware Components > FFR. FFR was the first vendor ArtiosCAD was able to incorporate into its catalog. Other vendors which offer similar hardware exist, but Esko was not able to incorporate them into the catalog.

This feature was meant for adding similar 3D model profiles from other vendors. Please review the hardware profiles in Options > Defaults > 3D Hardware Components > FFR.

This also means that the hardware type must be a hook.

But note that since not all hardware profiles from all vendors are exactly alike, ArtiosCAD may not be able to add all hooks.

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