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Apply ArtPro Action List: Linked files in the input may not be referenced properly anymore in the output.


Processing an ArtPro file, that links to external references on the same local disk, with the "Apply ArtPro Action List" task may cause the resulting ArtPro file to not open properly in the ArtPro editor, because it cannot locate its linked files automatically anymore.

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to

Article information
Applies to

 Automation Engine 18.0.1



Last revised 
Case Number CS01059857

What is a Hotfix?

A Hotfix is a software package that you can install on an existing installation of our software. Each hotfix contains fixes for one or more known issues in our released software.

Because there is always a small chance for a hotfix to cause new issues, you should only install Recommended Hotfixes, unless otherwise instructed by your Esko Software Support team.