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Upgrading to Automation Engine or Imaging Engine 18.1 using the DVD's published on  will reset the System Account (under which the BGMD service runs) to the default local BGSystem with the default password. 

In case you are using the default local BGSystem user with the default password, you might have no negative consequences. In that case the default user is deleted and recreated with the same password. As a consequence the user is no longer member of windows user groups where it was added to and might have no access anymore to (particular) containers.

In case you are using a custom (domain or local) user as System Account, or have changed the default password, please read this article carefully and follow the advised instructions.

The DVD's with this defect can be recognized by the date stamp in the iso file name:

  • 2019_March_IE_install20190408.iso
  • 2019_March_AE_install20190408_507.iso


In Automation Engine 18.1, BGMD is a 64-bit process. During the (post)install of the upgrade, it checks the Windows registry if a custom System Account is defined. Unfortunately it does so for the 64-bit entry (only), whereas before BGMD was a 32-bit process so the System Account information is stored in the 32-bit entry in the Windows registry. Meaning it will never detect the previously used System Account and conclude there wasn't any, hence register the default local BGSystem. 

Possible symptoms when this situation has occurred:

  • Automation Engine previously running under a custom (domain) user now again runs under the default local BGSystem
  • Automation Engine does not start
  • Automation Engine no longer has access to (particular) Containers
  • Domain users can't logon to the Automation Engine Pilot anymore
  • ...


New installers that (also) read the 32-bit registry entry are available on since  .

If you have not installed Automation Engine/Imaging Engine yet, make sure you have the latest DVD. The latest DVD can be recognized by the date stamp in the iso file name:

  • Automation Engine: 2019_March_AE_install20190503_507.iso
  • Imaging Engine: 2019_March_IE_install20190502.iso


  • In case Automation Engine or Imaging Engine 18.1 was already installed with the DVD's having the defect, the credentials to startup the servers are lost, there is not way to recover these.
  • Steps to get the system up and running again :
    1. In case Automation/Imaging Engine is not starting up anymore first execute these steps, otherwise skip step 1. Most likely this will be caused by the default password for BGSYSTEM is not accepted by the customer's password policy.
      1. Create an Administrative User on the Automation/Imaging Engine Server
      2. Go to the Windows Servers and fill in this newly created user for both the servers BGMD and EG Web Server

        EG Web Server doesn't exists on an Imaging Engine Server.

      3. Startup the BGMD and EG Web Service
    2. Setup Username and Password again :
      1. Go to the Server Admin web pages > System Account, Unlock so you can make changes.
      2. For system account, select Other and type the original username and password Automation Engine was using before the upgrade
      3. Click the Apply button to save the changes. 
      4. The Automation Engine master server will change the username and password as well on the configured Automation Engine Assistants and Imaging Engine Servers.
      5. Then Automation Engine master will restart automatically and instruct you to restart the configured Automation Engine Assistants and/or Imaging Engine Servers.
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