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Trying to load LEN files from Automation Engine Merge Queue in the PlatePrep Merger fails with "Error loading image-set from AeServer Errocode: ERROR_NOIMAGES"


PlatePrep Merger is connected to Automation Engine (Automation Engine Manual Mode). The LEN files in the Merge Queue are visible OK in the Merger.

But when actually 'Loading Selected Image Group', it fails with "Error loading image-set from AeServer Errocode: ERROR_NOIMAGES".

To be able to find the exact cause, we need to get more information. Please proceed as follows:

  • Right mouse click on the Merger shortcut on the Desktop (make a safety copy of the shortcut first)
  • Choose Properties
  • Change ‘…\runw.exe’ to ‘…\runc.exe’ in the Target field of the Shortcut tab
  • Now run the Merger and see what exception occurs in the corresponding console when you try to load the image set
  • When done, do not forget to change ‘…\runc.exe’ back to ‘…\runw.exe’ in the Target field of the Shortcut tab (and cleanup the safety copy if the shortcut works OK)


In case the console log mentions

"Problem unzipping RPC-result for mq-mqqg Missing"

the installed Merger/PlatePrep/DFS version is not compatible with the running Automation Engine/Device Manager version (in this case (Automation Engine 18.1 & DFS 18.1.1) resulting in an error when unpacking the streamed data that represents an entry in the merge queue). Please contact Esko Support for a compatible version. 

If it does not, please contact Esko Support and provide the full content of the console in order to investigate. 

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Applies to

Device Manager for CDI all versions

PlatePrep/DFS/Merger all versions



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