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To be able to view screened TIFF or LEN files in the WebCenter Viewer, it's sufficient to upload the prepared view files from Imaging Engine to WebCenter. The Image to Screened Separations ticket has options to directly output prepared view files together with the screened output. They are outputted on a dedicated pin. These files can be published to WebCenter and can be viewed in a composite file.


The following workflow explains the basic setup:

  1. Modify Workflow Parameter Values: Captures the input file name. We need to reuse this later to name our file in WebCenter.
  2. Image to Screened Separations: The Output tab allows you to create the view as dedicated output of the ticket. Note the second output pin is the one we use further in the workflow. This is where the view files end up.
  3. Publish to WebCenter: The document name is the name of the input file, as resolved by the workflow parameter. We give a dedicated extension to differentiate in WebCenter.
  4. Publish to WebCenter: Disable make available for download, leave the rest default.
  5. After uploading, you will find a single file in WebCenter. When viewing the file you will see the screened result.

If WebCenter is out of LAN, you need to zip the view files before uploading them to WebCenter. The interface of the publish ticket will have the prepare for viewing options disabled when a WebCenter site out of LAN is chosen.

  1. Complete the licensing part of the installation.
  2. Click the Install button.
  3. Install the upgrade by going through the different steps.
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