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In case you have adapted the Transition Point (TP) of your PCW curve set in Curve Pilot for one ink, how to apply the same TP point for the other inks?


You've opened the PCW curve set in Curve Pilot and changed the Transition Point for Cyan to 2%, like in below example.

To apply the same TP point for the other inks, use the ‘Flexible Pressync Curve Properties’ dialog and set the values identical to the one for Cyan.

Typically the ‘Highlight Shape’ number will change when moving the TP, so using the same setting for the other inks will result in the same TP (when using the same base curve, of course).

So like in the example, we changed the TP point for Cyan to 2%, which resulted in a H value (Highlight Shape) of 10063.

  1. Click the arrow button next to the inks. This will open the Flexible PressSync Curve Properties dialog.
  2. Adapt the H value (10063) for the other inks from h15528 to h10063.
  3. After changing, click the OK button.
  4. Save your curve set in Curve Pilot.

You can now use that curve set with the changed TP in the Imaging Engine task.

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Print Control Wizard 18.x

Curve Pilot 18.x



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