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The Global Vision Profile Editor is not able to connect to the Automation Engine Server, even when you launch it on the Automation Engine Server itself. The following message is displayed:

"Cannot connect to the Automation Engine Server. Show the configuration dialog?"


When launching the Global Vision Profile Editor, the following message is shown:

On a client computer, even after you click Yes and enter the name of the Automation Engine Server, or even you try to run the Profile Editor on the Automation Engine Server computer itself, the same message is displayed.


  1. In the Automation Engine Pilot, go to Tools > Configure > Automation Engine Web Service:
  2. Check if the Enable HTTP option is enabled and make sure that the port is set to 4415.
Currently, the Global Vision Profile Editor uses this specific port to ask the Automation Engine Server, the location of its license server and the folder in which the profiles are stored.
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Created 13-Sept-19
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