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No retry option from within the output pin of a failed node in a workflow.

The Workflow Canvas freezes.


Click the failure icon,, of a failed node, and right or left click to open the error message. Not only the workflow canvas, but also the WebCenter session freezes. 

A refresh will then get your page active again.

Cancelling the workflow will erase out all output pins. Basically it will look as if that workflow never ran.

Root Cause

Workflow definition corruption due to a drop in connection between the Database and WebCenter when that workflow was being updated in the Database.

This can happen if there was a reboot on either WebCenter or the Database at the time the workflow was being updated. Other causes for the connection issue can be a SQL update, JBoss crash etc.


There is no perfect solution as the workflow is corrupt and no retry is possible.

To resolve :

  1. Cancel the workflow.
  2. Relaunch it from the beginning.
    • If the workflow was embedded in another workflow, you'll need to relaunch the flow from within that main workflow.
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