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Bitmap Viewer is a powerful quality control tool that digitally verifies RIPped data for content and printability before output.

Bitmap Viewer runs on Windows only. Find here the System Requirements.

Where can I find the Bitmap Viewer installer and what are the steps to install the software?


  1. Download the Bitmap Viewer software.
    The Bitmap Viewer software is part of the Imaging Engine installer. If you still have the latest Imaging Engine download available, then mount this iso, if not you'll have to download it again from

    Depending on your licenses, you will see several or all of below products:

  2. Activate the Bitmap Viewer license you received in your Network License Manager on the Central License Server, no matter if you have a site license or a single user license.
  3. Go to the PC where you want to install Bitmap Viewer and open the Imaging Engine installer (click setup.exe).
  4. Choose your language and go to Software Installation.
  5. Click Install Imaging Engine.
  6. Install the Network License Manager (unless you have this already running).
  7. Install Bitmap Viewer.
    Go to step 4 and choose the 32-bit or the 64-bit version (check your Windows version).
  8. Choose the disk and folder where you want to install the Bitmap Viewer.
  9. You will get another window to choose the file types: select TIFF, LEN, LP and click Next.
  10. The software will be installed and it will create a shortcut on the desktop.
  11. Open the Network License Manager on the PC.
    1. Go to the Tools menu and open License Client Configuration.
    2. In the Computer name of the License Server, enter the name of your License server.
    3. Click Apply, no port number is required.
    4. After that the license server name is filled in on top.
    5. Click Exit and close the Network License Manager.
  12. Now you can start using the Bitmap Viewer.

For detailed information on the use of Bitmap Viewer, check the Product documentation

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