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Store Visualizer Consumer Insights uses a transactional billing model. The Esko customer pays per consumer insight session. Technically, the transactions counting model works by having the Store Visualizer software connect to Esko Cloud and log one transaction into your Esko Cloud Account for each consumer insight session.


After purchasing Consumer Insights, the Esko business system will automatically create an 'Esko Cloud Account'. 

An Esko Cloud Account is a storage facility in Esko Cloud where information about your Consumer Insights subscription is stored and where transactional information is sent to and remembered. It has a user interface where you can see how many transactions were purchased and how many were already consumed in a given time period. The user interface is (initially) only accessible by the Esko ID user assigned as Administrator. This Esko ID is determined at the time of purchase. It can be changed afterwards. 

This knowledge base article explains how you need to operate the Esko Cloud Account. Step 1 to Step 3 are necessary to start working with Consumer Insights. Step 4 is optional.  

Step 1: Access your Esko Cloud Account

You will get an e-mail with a URL of your Esko Cloud Account. Click the URL or copy and paste it in the address bar of your internet browser.

Temporary solution

At the time of writing this article, the e-mail communication you receive as part of getting started with your order is not optimal. The Getting Started link referred to in the mail is only intended for Share & Approve customers and should not be used for Consumer Insights. Instead refer to the links for the Esko Cloud Account Administrator in the mail and as indicated below.

As an Esko Cloud Account Administrator, you can view your Esko Cloud Account sites, transactions, storage and user limits here:

Click the appropriate link depending on your region.

You will now be asked to log in with your Esko ID. Your Esko ID username is your e-mail address (the address to which the e-mail was sent). Your password was either already set by you (e.g. for a previous purchase of an Esko subscription or to communicate with Esko Services), or you have received an additional e-mail asking you to complete your Esko ID profile. In that case, please execute that procedure before continuing. More information can be found in: 

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After logging in you will see a window similar to the one below:

In your case, instead of "ESKO-DEMO" you will see the name of your Esko Cloud Account as you requested at the time of your Consumer Insights order. Clicking this link will bring you to the following page:

You can bookmark this link as a favorite in your browser! This is where you will go back to to manage your Esko Cloud Account, change the administrator, check your transactions, add equipment, etc. Also make note of the link somewhere else. 

Step 2: Add an Equipment Network

In order to have Store Visualizer clients to work with Consumer Insights, they must be connected to your Esko Cloud Account to log transactions. For this you first need to create an Equipment Network.

  1. In My Network, click Add Add Equipment Network.
    1. If this does not appear, check whether the Equipment is already listed in the section My Network. If it is, go to Step 3.
  2. This will respond 'Equipment Network is created Successfully'.
  3. Click OK.
  4. The screen will now show a row Equipment in My Network.
  5. Click Equipment.
  6. An empty list will be shown.

Step 3: Add Store Visualizer Clients as Equipment

For each Store Visualizer Client, you have to repeat the following sequence:

  1. In My Network > Equipment, click Add Equipment.
  2. Choose Equipment Type > Other.
  3. Set Equipment Name to a name for the client you will connect. Note that this name cannot be changed afterwards. Location, Code and Description can be changed and are not obligatory. 
  4. Click Create.
  5. This shows a success message with a grey box with long cryptic information.
  6. Click the + button to the right of the grey box. This adds a JSON string in your clipboard.
  7. Paste this into a text editor or e-mail body. You will need to communicate this information to the Store Visualizer user.
  8. Go to Setup My Transactions.
  9. Make sure the subscription is set to ECL-CI-CITR-CITR or Consumer Insight Transactions and click Grant/Revoke Subscription Access.
  10. Click the checkbox in front of the newly created equipment and click Update Activation Status and click OK on the confirmation message.
  11. The screen should now show the Activation Status to Active for your Store Visualizer equipment.
  12. Start Store Visualizer.
  13. Click the ? at the bottom left of the screen, then click Configure cloud transaction account.
  14. Make sure you have the copied JSON still in your clipboard or load it in your clipboard (copy from your text editor or e-mail body). In case you e-mailed this to your client, make sure they copy the JSON body from { until }, nothing more or less. 
    1. It looks like:

  15. Click Assign New Account.
  16. The dialog updates and shows 'The new cloud account was successfully assigned'.

Step 4: Check your transactions

You can at any moment check the amount of transactions already consumed. Click Setup > My Transactions (ignore all other tiles).

First, check whether the drop-down under Current Period shows ECL-CI-CITR-CITR or 'Consumer Insight Transactions'.  If not, select one of these two from the drop-down.

Transactions Purchased says how many transactions you can use in a period of one year. (Check the current period to know the span of the year).

Transactions Used says how many transactions were already logged by all connected Store Visualizers together within the current period. This number starts from 0 and will be reset at the end of the 'current period' to 0. Any overuse at that moment will be charged separately.

There is currently no overview per client and there is also no e-mail warning that you are exceeding your number of purchased transactions, so it is advised to perform this check yourself at regular moments. (You can consider putting an agenda item in your calendar every 3 months). 

The Show Transactions drop-down lets you switch between Daily, Weekly and Monthly.


After logging in, you see a screen as below 

Click on the name of the organization.

Do NOT click the little triangle and do NOT create a site (it will only create a trial site which won't help you go forward).

If that does not bring you to a user interface where you see a menu including My Network and Setup, get back to your e-mail and find the cryptic string to construct the URL yourself. 

When connecting your Store Visualizer to the cloud, you get the message 'The supplied account could not be authorized':

You did not complete steps 8 to 11 for the equipment you tried to authorize or it failed. 

Go to the Esko Cloud Account and navigate to Setup > My Transactions and click Grant/Revoke Subscription Access, search for the right name and verify that the Activation Status is Active

When connecting your Store Visualizer to the cloud, you get the message 'The supplied account data was not valid':

The text in your clipboard is not a valid JSON. Paste your clipboard in a text editor to verify you get something looking like the string in Step 3, substep 14 above. 

Not helped by this article?

Send an e-mail to or Make sure to mention your Esko ID, your customer code and attach the e-mail(s) you received and explain which step of the above procedure fails. 

Alternatively, contact Esko Customer Services.

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