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This article describes an alternative approach to defining a document's Approval Status in an Attribute. This value can then be used within the router of a workflow. 

Example Use Case: Verifying one-to-many documents approval status using the router when the workflow does not contain dedicated Approval Node to use its output pins. When using Document References to documents located in other projects, as an admin configuring the workflow, I want to verify that all documents referenced are approved. 

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  1.  Download the WCReports.xlsx Excel spreadsheet and upload/up-version in the ListManager project. Verify if the Excel in WebCenter contains the WcReports_DocApprovalQ sheet.
  2. Create a new List from Admin > Attributes > Lists with the following options:
    1. List Name: WcReports_DocApprovalQ
    2. Description: Optional
    3. Select Document: WCReports
    4. Sheet Name: WcReports_DocApprovalQ
    5. Deselect: Flush existing list data before updating the List. The existing data will be replaced by the new data!
    6. Deselect: Database Username and password are required when deleting data from List
    7. Log Files Folder: Recommended to create a folder named "Logs", otherwise select a preferred folder
    8. Select: Use the built-in 'webcenter' database User account to create the database table
    9. Select: Use an existing database table for storing the data. Note: This value must be exact or you will encounter issues
      1. Value: WcReports_DocApprovalQ
    10.  Click Create List

    11. Upon success, verify list data in Admin > Attributes > Lists >WcReports_DocApprovalQ > Scroll to bottom > Show List Data

      Example List Data

  3. Create Attribute DocumentApprovalStatus as Text Type or use existing.
  4. Add attribute to an Attribute Category that is used by documents.
  5. Create a new task type (workflow) or adapt an existing workflow.
    1. Note: When the workflow only contains one document, it is possible to configure a similar configuration using Workflow Specifications. When the workflow contains multiple documents using Workflow Specifications is limited as it can only contain one value.

      Example Workflow Configuration
  6. Configure Set Document Attribute 
    1. Attribute to Set: DocumentApprovalStatus
    2. Value: List Lookup
      1. List Name: WcReports_DocApprovalQ
      2. Result From List Column: DocVersion_ApprovalStatus
      3. Lookup from List Column: DocVersion_Id
      4. Lookup Value: [docversionid]

  7. Configure Router
    1. Route Based on Document Attribute
    2. Attribute DocumentApprovalStatus
    3. Values: Is Equal To
      1. REJECTED
      2. PENDING
      3. APPROVED
      4. FORCED_REJ
      5. FORCED_APP
  8. Test workflow within a project containing documents with an Approval Status. Output should look similar to the following:

Sample Workflow

Import to WebCenter - Document Approval Status Routing.xml - Workflow created in v18.1 


By setting a document attribute with the Approval Status, it is possible that the document could be up-versioned at a later time. If the document is up-versioned, the Attribute containing the Approval Status is no longer accurate. A possible solution is to configure the Document Types to Start Task for new Documents / Start Task for new Versions that will execute an automated workflow to always set the current document attribute.

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