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Here are settings that were used to successfully setup an External Database Connection using JDBC to a Sybase Database.


First, acquire the JDBC Driver for Sybase, which there seems to be multiple of them, but the one that worked in this case was one with a file name of jconn4.jar.

Next, make the following connection settings to establish the connection:

Driver (JDBC): com.sybase.jdbc4.jdbc.SybDriver

Driver File: file://<server>/<share>/jtds-1.3.1-dist/jconn4.jar

ie. file://aeserver/ExampleJobContainer/jtds-1.3.1-dist/jconn4.jar

Database URL: jdbc:sybase:Tds:<IP Address of Database Server>:<Port for Database>?ServiceName=<Name of Database>&USER=<Database User>&PASSWORD=<Database User Password>

ie. jdbc:sybase:Tds:

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