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WebCenter Palette doesn't display any information about the Structural Design file placed from WebCenter.


After placing the Structural Design file from WebCenter, the WebCenter Palette won't display the information about the placed file. Document attributes information and manual update check using WebCenter Palette is not possible.

  1. Structural design file when placed from WebCenter: WebCenter Palette will display the WebCenter document information such as version, project, folder, attributes.
  2. Once the user saves the document and reopens it in Adobe® Illustrator®, the WebCenter Palette won't display any information of the linked WebCenter document.
  3. This gives an indication to the user that the document is not linked to WebCenter. There is no way for the user to view/update document attributes associated.
  4. The functionality of placing graphic files is also broken in the product.

More Information

For installation instructions and to download the hotfix, go to

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Applies to

 WebCenter Connector 18.1.1



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Case Number WCRCON-2113

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