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Automation Engine QuickStart for Labels:

  • the production workflow can be configured now to split a production job into several print queue entries such that the DFE operator is able to modify print frame quantities.
  • the main (internal) XML that drives the production workflow is optimized now to reduce the risk of running out of memory on big VDP production jobs.


  • When sending a JDF run list to an Esko DFE 5.2.3, the DFE operator cannot change the quantities of the print frames. To enable this, the production job can now be split into several print queue entries (which must be printed in sequence).
  • The production workflow may run into an out of memory situation (with a "Split XML File" task failure) in case of big VDP production jobs.

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 Automation Engine 18.1.1



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Case Number AE-QS4L-ProductionFlow

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