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When trying to log in to an Esko Cloud product like Share & Approve or the cloud management of Color Trace, you are confronted with the login screen and fail to get logged in. 

Login issues and their solutions

I don't know what Esko ID is

Esko ID is like AppleID. It's a way to log in to multiple applications developed and supported by Esko ( Among other usage, it is used to login to Esko Cloud applications such as Share & Approve or ColorTrace. You can find more information on Esko ID in the following article:

When invited to Share & Approve, the administrator of that site has created an Esko ID for you. However, nothing can be done with it until you activate it. To activate your Esko ID, see

I don't know my user nameYour user name is likely your e-mail address. If you have multiple e-mail addresses, think about who invited you, and which e-mail address you shared with this person. If you get here via an e-mail (e.g. an approval request e-mail), check to which e-mail address that e-mail was sent.
I think I have never set a password

When you are invited by somebody else, that person does NOT set your password. Instead, you must first activate your account, and in this procedure, you can set your password. More information can be found in the following article:

At the end of the activation, you are normally brought to the Esko Cloud application you tried to login to. Should this fail, click again on the original URL which was sent to you with the invitation e-mail and use your e-mail login and just set the password.

I forgot my passwordYou can reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password option on the login screen. After changing your password, make sure to return to the original URL (or e-mail) from where you started. Forgot password will not automatically bring you back to that location.
I tried my correct password multiple times, but I still can't loginYou might be locked out because of too many wrong attempts either by you or by someone else. Contact Esko Customer Support to get you unlocked:,e%2Dmail%2C%20of%20course. (use e-mail or phone since the online platform asks you to login with the same Esko ID)
My activation link expired
I was invited with the wrong e-mail addressIf the invitation user name is not the e-mail address you prefer to use, don't activate it. Ask the person who invited you to un-invite you and invite you again with the correct e-mail address. Avoid having two Esko ID's to manage. There is no way to 'merge' two Esko ID's later on.

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