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What is the staggered cut SmartMark?


The staggered cut SmartMark is an optional SmartMark (**) that allows to generate staggered cut paths on s&r layouts for continuous flexo printing.

** See:

The SmartMark can be used in Plato or in Automation Engine (BRIX based s&r tasks or in the 'Add SmartMarks' task when used on PDFPLA input files).

The result of the SmartMark will be a cut path for all inks, path will be truncated to the centerline above the first row of labels. In other words, the same result as if one would - in Plato - draw an initial line connecting the top segments of the top row of labels and create a staggered cut path using the option 'Truncate on center'.

The SmartMark has the following options: 

Most of the options can also be found in the staggered cut path dialog in Plato - see the Plato documentation for more information.

The left/right gap at plate edge defines how far the staggered cut path is extended towards the left and right plate edges. For instance, a left gap of 10 mm means the staggered cut path will not be extended up to the left side of the plate but it will stay away with a distance of 10 mm.

Once the staggered cut path is created using the specified options, one can apply an extra offset (vertical/horizontal). This offset can be used to cut around eyemarks of cut through glue areas (for instance in the case of shrink sleeves).

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